7 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners To Make Money In 2022

Your success as an online entrepreneur may depend on your ability to use affiliate marketing. However, even if your website, advertisement, or social media platform are flawless, you still need a business to collaborate with. Affiliate programs fill the void in the situation.

We’ll cover all the essential information concerning affiliate marketing programs in this post. You’ll read more about some of the best affiliate programs for beginners, as well as why they’re necessary.

However, you must first understand what they are and how they work.

What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs, also known as associate programs, provide a third-party platform that enables people and businesses to connect and collaborate.

Both parties sign-up on the site, have a conversation about working together, and then start work.

However, these affiliate programs are intricate machines that serve many more purposes than only assisting retailers and affiliate companies. They also offer both parties some essential services.

How do affiliate programs work?

In order for affiliate programs to function, users must first create an account on the platform and select the brand they wish to promote.

Affiliates can share a unique link created by the programs with their website visitors, clients, and followers on social media. The affiliate is paid a commission when a user hits the link and makes a purchase from the brand.

Affiliate programs are used by businesses to boost revenue. The platforms on which the programs are developed have tracking technology to track the affiliates.

The 8 best affiliate programs for beginners

1. Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates is listed first among the affiliate networks.

Amazon Associates has been one of the top affiliate programs for beginners since 1996. Actually, it was the first affiliate marketing program ever developed for the internet.

Since its inception, it has aided internet advertisers in generating revenue by displaying advertisements to the millions of people who use Amazon each year. When a link they promote generates a purchase, an Amazon associate gets paid a referral fee.

The potential for affiliates to develop also seems limitless because each year hundreds of businesses learn how to sell on Amazon.

Simply click the Sign up button on the Amazon Associates page to begin earning money as an Amazon associate.

Commission rate: 1% to 20%, depending on the type of the product.

Payment cycle: 60 days after the current month ends. Additionally, Amazon denies payment from Amazon Associates until they reach a $10 threshold.

Payout method: Check, direct deposit, or Amazon gift card.

2. ClickBank


One of the best companies with affiliate programs for different types of marketers is ClickBank. Given that everyone has open access to its affiliate information, it is a key affiliate platform to take into account for your business.

In 1998, ClickBank was founded in a garage and quickly rose to prominence as one of the top affiliate and retail websites worldwide. It currently has a large affiliate network that has promoted ClickBank products to the tune of billions of dollars in commissions.

No matter your level of skill, it’s a great place to start because of its success and 20-year history. With so many businesses to work with and so many things to advertise, it is impossible to pass up.

Categories include:

  • Business and investing
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Travel 
  • Sports
  • Green products
  • Home and garden

To register as a ClickBank affiliate, you must first create an account, fill it up with your contact and payment details, and then confirm it.

Commission rate: Between 50% and 70%, on average.

Payment cycle: Weekly or bi-weekly.

Payout method: Payoneer, wire transfer, check, direct deposit.

3. Commission Junction (CJ)


CJ, a 20-year-old affiliate marketing platform, has helped merchants and affiliates ever since it launched.

According to the company’s website, it works with twice as many of the Internet Retailer 500 companies as any other affiliate program. CJ said that their website is preferred by merchants far more than other affiliate marketing programs.

When you take a closer look at what it has to offer, that claim seems to stand up rather well.

Here is a list of all the various specialties available on the website, not to mention the broad “other” area.

When choosing an affiliate program, it is simple to see why it should be at the top of your list given its reputation.

4. GiddyUp


GiddyUp is appropriate for novices because it offers an affiliate manager and practical tools to assist you with various aspects of its program.

More than 150 DTC (direct to consumer) companies in a range of markets, including travel, electronics, health & wellness, and more, are open to partnerships. Affiliates of GiddyUp have special access to these e-commerce companies.

The company also offers powerful analytics, real-time data, and a creative library to support your digital marketing efforts, allowing you to compare your performance month over month.

You can uncover areas where you can improve and eventually earn more commission by keeping track of your performance.

Commission rate: Varies based on referral types.

Payment cycle: each month on the 1st and 15th. To make a withdrawal, you need to earn at least $25.

Payout method: Foreign bank transfers, ACH, and checks.

5. Impact


Impact is one of the few affiliate marketing platforms, that links customers to well-known companies like Airbnb, Uber, Adidas, and others. It is well known for its automation options, which may be utilized to make campaigns simpler and generate more income.

These businesses offer free membership and management of partnerships; the brands are spread across a number of industries, including beauty, travel, retail, fitness, and others.

After signing up with Impact, you have access to a marketplace where you may look through top businesses and contact their affiliate managers.

Impact typically pays CPA (cost-per-action), which means you’ll receive a commission when someone uses your affiliate link to make a purchase.

Commission rate: Varies depending on the brand.

Payment cycle: The day on which you want to receive your monthly affiliate earnings is entirely up to you.

Payout method: BACS, PayPal, or direct transfer.

6. eBay Partner Network


eBay offers One of the best-paying affiliate programs on the internet. The eBay Partner Network is the location where you may sign up to be an eBay affiliate. The range of commissions is 50% to 70%.

Affiliates can access the tools they need from eBay to effectively promote the company’s items. Regardless of how you decide to sell your products, you can benefit from eBay’s affiliate program.

As an eBay affiliate, in contrast to some of the other affiliate marketing schemes on this list, you’ll be dealing directly with eBay and its goods. While you will help sellers in some capacity, eBay will be the focus of your interactions.

You’ll be working with a platform that companies want to sell on, just like Amazon. With possibilities like eBay dropshipping, growth is practically assured.

Additionally, eBay doesn’t insist that you use it only. You can be an eBay affiliate while collaborating with other retailers and programs to make extra money.

You must first apply to join its affiliate program, which takes about five minutes, before you can begin. It’s undoubtedly among the simpler application processes.

Commission rate: Varies between 50% and 70%, depending on the product type.

Payment cycle: Around the 10th day of each month to accounts that have made more than 10 units of a country’s currency (i.e., $10 US, £10, etc.).

Payout method: PayPal and direct deposit

7. Awin


Another popular affiliate program for beginners is Awin. Without needing to create a website, you can sign up using any of your social media accounts, such as Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Awin conducts a compliance check on every affiliate’s application to confirm the accuracy of their information. After you reach your first payment level, Awin will return your $5 deposit. In addition, $5 is required to join the program.

Awin provides access to over 21,200 brands, including well-known and respected ones.  You can look through the firm’s advertiser directory and find any program you want to join, or you can get in touch with a representative of the company to talk about a partnership.

Commission rate: Varies based on rates decided by individual sellers.

Payment cycle: On the 1st and 15th of the month for the previous month’s commissions. You need to earn at least $20 in order to cash out.

Payout method: ACH, BACS, or international wire transfer.

You will have finished your journey into affiliate marketing once you’ve selected a program. You’ll formally have your ideal side business, one that could eventually propel you to new heights. Did you know about these affiliate marketing initiatives? What does your approach look like? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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